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Updated: Nov 27, 2018

My Story

People often talk about searching for their calling, for their purpose in life. I have been lucky enough to know my gift was in the healing arts from an early age. While some are known in high school for being musically gifted, some for their athletic achievements, I was known as the person who gave incredible shoulder massages.

Education and Career

Thankfully, my parents got on board with my dream and helped me to find the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts in my hometown of Tucson, Arizona. My education and experience there have been an invaluable foundation upon which I've built my holistic approach to wellness.

After working for a year at a spa in Payson, Arizona, I realized that there was something missing. My repeat clients made wonderful progress in changing their chronic aches at the beginning, but we would hit a wall after time. They needed exercises to correct muscular strength imbalances and I needed the education necessary to recommend them. This led me to my studies at Arizona State University (ASU), where I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Wellness. At ASU, I had the unique opportunity to work in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation centers and meet people that truly inspired me. Most importantly, I learned to progress exercise (i.e. build up exercises gradually) to create lasting change.

On the road to getting my Bachelor's, I became a medical assistant and was privileged to work with many of the skilled orthopedic surgeons at the University of Utah, primarily in the trauma unit. I learned a great deal about the healing process there and took with me a deep respect for the art of surgery and the power of the body to heal from the most intense trauma.


In the past five years I've discovered the ancient medical science of Ayurveda and come to believe in the power it holds to teach us to heal ourselves. I'll be writing about it more in the coming months, but here's the elevator summary.

Ayurveda is the oldest recorded medical system we know of. It teaches that all things, and people, are made up of the elements; Air, Space, Water, Fire, and Earth. We talk about people around us using elemental terms all the time, like, "He's my rock," "She's a real spit-fire," and "What an air-head!" There is definitely something to those!

As you would expect from an 4000+ year old health code out of India, it uses a lot of different spices to manage health. The food is delicious of course, but food by ayurvedic definition isn't limited to what we put in our mouths. It's the sights, smells, and sounds we take in all day as well. It's easy to see how Ayurveda is a holistic practice and requires a look at an entire person to customize recommendations.

I hope this blog will be a helpful resource for you and would love to hear from you in the comments!

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